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Worship Hospitality and Connection Tactics During COVID-19

1. The Original Paper Connection Card

Prep ushers/greeters/connectors with a roster of regular attendees (pre-COVID-19). As people come in, ask them to check in (great opportunity to update data records). If someone is not on the list, you can invite guests to share their information. Maintain six feet of social distance and allow only the ushers/greeters/connectors control of their own clipboard. This is great information to capture in the event you need to assist with contact tracing.


2. The Digital Connection Card

Option A (Church-conducted).

Convert the “Original Paper Connect Card” to a tablet form (check with your database software provider to see if they have an extension. You may be able to convert something currently being used for Sunday School check-in). Limit who can operate the tablets each morning and sanitize after use.



Option B (User-conducted).

During the worship service “welcome speech,” guide in-person and online participants to register their attendance or check-in. This can be down via text (easy tech level) or through a downloaded app (moderate tech level).



3. Church Reserve

Software designed to help socially conscious churches use their facilities to operate in the “new normal” and keep their guests safe through a reservation system. The platform creates a layout of the seating in the churches worship space and allows the Church options of blocking off rows/seats to social distance and it allows congregants the ability to reserve seats for their family. Flat, monthly fee without any additions or up-charges to worry about. Visit Church Reserve.