Compass: A Wesleyan Leadership Experience

Strengthening leaders of churches that seek to reach new people for Jesus Christ

Four Directions/Core Competencies
(to be experienced in a 48-hour gathering of clergy):

  1. Holiness /Pastoral Development
  2. Leadership & Worship
  3. Social Holiness/Missional Readiness
  4. Strategic Planning

Compass is a two-year covenantal, continuous peer learning experience. It is designed to promote resources which strengthen a pastor’s spiritual life and pastoral effectiveness.

Compass builds on a pastor’s core competencies. Over a two-year period participants will learn from nationally recognized leaders in eight large group gatherings. Four of those gatherings (Directions) will be 48-hour advance retreats around the conference.

Participants will also gather for weekend events (Regional Day Apart) four times throughout the Compass program. To align clergy/lay learning and integration of such learning into the congregation, Regional Day Aparts will also include (at the participant’s invitation) key lay leaders from the congregation in which the Compass participants are serving.

Please contact Karen Hayden with any questions you may have about the program.

View the Compass Brochure here