Committees, Teams and Commissions

The Missouri Conference is composed of several teams, and committees. With the information below you can learn about the purpose of each group and contact their chairperson. To jump to a specific section on the page, click one of the links below.

Conference Teams

Board of Ordained Ministry

Chair: Rev. Steve Breon

As mandated by the current Book of Discipline, the function of the Board of Ordained Ministry shall be to enlist and recruit women and men of all races and ethnic origins for ordained ministry and professional certification; to guide, prepare, examine and evaluate applicants for the ordained ministry, diaconal ministry, and professional certification; to oversee processes and provide education for changes in conference relations of ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, and those professionally certified; and to monitor the effectiveness of ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, and professionally certified persons in the annual conference.

Clergy Support Team

Chair: Tom Ventura, E-Mail

The function of the Clergy Support Team will provide support for ministry through pensions, health insurance and equitable compensation and to cooperate with the Board of Ordained Ministry to consolidate clergy scholarships and continuing education funds into one process.The elected membership will include a Board of Pensions of 12 members and 4 additional members.

Congregational Development Team

Chair: Rev. Robyn Miller, E-Mail

The mission of the Congregational Development Team is to reach new people for Jesus Christ by starting new churches and transforming established congregations. The five key functions are to: identify people not currently being reached, provide resources to plant new churches in growth areas, help start new faith communities in established areas, assist established congregations to grow, and develop the spiritual leadership necessary to reach every people group in every area of the state.

Core Practices Team

Chair: Rev. Charity Goodwin, E-Mail

The Core Practices Team will provide a network of connections among congregations that are striving to strengthen their ministry through the core practices of radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service, and extravagant generosity. The team will encourage sharing of resources among congregations, learning events, and communication links that foster vitality in each of the practices. The committee also links congregations and the general church through the General Board of Discipleship.

Council on Finance and Administration Team

Chair: Rev. Sherri Swanson, E-Mail

The functions of the Council on Finance and Administration are to serve as a finance committee, to administer the affairs of the Conference, and to provide administrative support for congregations.

Lay Ministry Team

Chair: Amy Thompson, E-Mail

The function of the Lay Ministry Team is to support the congregations through the training, support, and empowering of lay leadership for ministry. This will include the ministries of lay speakers, lay leaders, and those serving as certified lay ministers.

Mission, Service and Justice Team

Chair:Rev. Jennifer Long, E-Mail

The Mission, Service and Justice (MSJ) Team provides for the missional, service and justice ministries of the annual conference. It also encourages congregations and individuals to learn about and participate in as advocates for social justice issues. All responsibilities assigned by the Book of Discipline to the conference Board of Global Ministries and the conference Commission on Christian Unity, Ethnic Local Church Concerns, and Native American Ministries will be carried out by the MSJ Team. The team links congregations to the general church through the General Board of Church and Society. The team also collaborates with staff to carry out the work of the Office of Mission, Service, and Justice, including its work with Volunteers in Mission and Disaster Response, as well as, a host of ecumenically related projects (e.g. Heifer International, Festival of Sharing, PET, etc.). The Missouri United Methodist Disaster Response Team will function as a task force of this team.

Next Generation Ministries Team

Chair: Rev. Ron Watts, E-Mail

The function of the Next Generation Ministries Team is to connect local churches and the Missouri Annual Conference in the work of intentional faith development related to children, youth, college-age persons, camping ministries and campus ministries. Their work may include providing resources, experienced guidance, and training for the work of discipling next generations in the local church. They will serve as the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry for the Annual Conference and liaison to the Global Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Values Team

Chair: Rev. Sheila Bouie Sledge, E-Mail

The functions of the Values Team are to affirm and advocate our values in every part of our Conference and call us to faithfulness to the Gospel and the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. The Values Team connects the Missouri Annual Conference to the General Church Commissions on Religion and Race and the Status and Role of Women and encourages diversity and inclusiveness in all levels of our church. The team shall function as the annual conference Committee on Disability Concerns. It lifts up the Conference values as guideposts for our ministry.

Youth Leadership Team

Chair:To Be Elected

The Youth Leadership Team will serve as the streering committee for the youth ministries of the annual conference. Through conference-wide training, service and mission opportunities and other spiritual retreats and events, the YLT will have opportunities for spiritual growth and discipleship.

Conference Committees

Conference Committees

Annual Conference Sessions Committee

The Annual Conference Sessions Committee plans annual sessions of the Annual Conference.

Chair: Rev. Marsha West Eichler, E-Mail



Archives and History Committee

The Archives and History Committee preserves the archives and history of the conference.

Chair: John Wright, E-Mail






Episcopacy Committee

The Episcopacy Committee supports and assists the Bishop while communicating between the episcopal office and the Conference.

Chair: Brian Hammons, E-Mail



Mozambique Initiative Committee

Mozambique Initiative Committee
The function of the Mozambique Initiative Committee is to provide oversight and coordination for the partnership of ministry between The United Methodist Churches of Mozambique and Missouri.
Chair: Rev. Yvi Martin, E-Mail

Nominations Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates officers and members of conference units unless otherwise designated by the Book of Discipline.

Chair: Rev. Jeremy Vickers, E-Mail




Rules and Procedures Committee

The Rules and Procedures Committee reviews and recommends changes in the Standing Rules, monitors the Book of Discipline for the purpose of keeping the Standing Rules in harmony, and calls attention to any violations of the Standing Rules.

Chair: Wendy Hildenbrand, E-Mail



The Trustees perform those duties outlined in the Book of Discipline and in keeping with the laws of the state of Missouri. The membership is chosen in compliance with the Book of Discipline and the laws of the state of Missouri.

Chair: To be elected