Clergy Education and Development

The Board of Ordained Ministry is in charge of enlisting and recruiting ordained clergy into the process of education, training and ordination. They assess, assist and  evaluate candidates for the process. The Board also serves as a conference resource for moving and changes in clergy status. Click here to view a full list of board members.

Preaching Academy

Build community with fellow pastors and speakers as you explore a creative space to process the joys and challenges of preaching. 

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Part-Time Ministerial Leaders

A collaborative educational system to serve the training needs of part-time local pastors, Certified Lay Ministers, and lay leadership in the Missouri Annual Conference. 

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Course of Study (COS) 

Learn more about Course of Study and Advanced Course of study in the Missouri Conference.

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RE: Flourishing in Ministry

For active, full-time clergy who have been serving five or more years.

RE aims to give ministerial leaders an environment and community to address their needs and  offer support.  Ministerial leaders are often properly reminded of how to sharpen ministerial skills: preaching, mission, administration, etc. But ministerial leaders also desperately need space to deepen their commitments to God, self and community through spiritual and self-­care practices. 

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Right Start

Built to assist pastors during the times of transition.

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Certified Lay Minister 

A certified lay minister is a certified lay servant, certified lay missioner, assigned by a district superintendent in accordance with Paragraph 419.2. (Paragraph 268.1, 2016 Book of Discipline).

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Licensing School 

Available for candidates for Licensed and Ordained Ministry who will be appointed to serve a local church.

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