Raytown Campus Student Ministry Coordinator - Woods Chapel (Raytown)


Title:  Raytown Campus Student Ministry Coordinator
Supervisor:  Raytown Campus Pastor
Position Description:
The Student Ministry Coordinator will plan, organize, & facilitate Student Ministry activities.
This is a part time, hourly, 10-hour per week position.         

  • High School Graduate, Bachelor of Arts preferred
  • Proficient computer skills   
  • Proven experience in recruiting qualified leaders/volunteers
  • Demonstrates strong communication and organizational skills
  • Team player able to carry out verbal or written instruction
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and with attention to detail
  • Must have passion for teens and desire to communicate with students to build strong youth group
  • Must have a passion and love for Christ and understand the Mission of Woods Chapel Church
Woods Chapel Staff share the following expectations:
The mission for the staff of Woods Chapel Church is to strive for excellence in all that we do within our church family and staff.  As staff members of Woods Chapel Church, we will:
  • present a professional demeanor in every aspect of our daily tasks
  • establish a congenial working relationship with church members, the Pastor, and other staff members
  • it is imperative that all staff work as a united team to fulfill the mission of Woods Chapel United Methodist Church “to connect people to Jesus Christ” 
  • Every employee is to adhere to the employee policies stated in the Woods Chapel United Methodist Church Employee Manual
Core Values:
We embrace the following values in support of the mission of Woods Chapel Church:
  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • Excellence
  • Authenticity
Responsibilities and Accountabilities of this position include:
  • Plan, prepare, and carry out all Student Ministry events, activities, fellowship, small group times, and worship.
  • Engage and assist in all congregation worship services on a rotating basis.
  • Invite, provide oversight and encouragement for all Student Ministry volunteers.
  • Train and equip all volunteers for Student Ministry.
  • Develop with volunteers a student worship experience.
  • Empower students in service opportunities: local and beyond.
  • Mentor and develop relationships with student leaders and key volunteers.
Required Hours:
            Wednesday staff meeting and evening activities
            Sundays:  9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  
                            Youth Group Sunday evening (3 hours)
Special Events, activities, overnight trips, etc. as required.
4 Sundays off per year

Apply by sending your resume to Susan Robinson at susanlrobinson@comcast.net

Contact: Susan Robinson

Address: Raytown MO

Email: susanlrobinson@comcast.net