Part-Time Children's Ministry Director - First UMC (Jefferson City)


Half Time Position DATE EFFECTIVE: Immediately—Upon Hire

201 Monroe Street Jefferson City, MO 65101

Position: Children Ministry Director
Supervisor: Next Gen Coordinator
Our vision for Next Gen Ministry: To empower our next generations to love better in age-appropriate ways, by Doing no harm: our ministry will work with parents/guardians to develop Christ-like character in our children, youth, and young adults, as indicated by growth in compassion and understanding for the neighbors God has given them. Doing good: our ministry will provide ways for our children, youth, and young adults to discern their gifts for ministry, as well as to empower them to use those gifts to serve others in the church, the community, and the world. Staying connected: Our ministry will help children, youth, and young adults stay connected to God through spiritual practices and Godly relationships. Our ministry will provide space for the next generations to connect with adults and peers in a safe, open environment that nurtures spiritual friendships and mentoring.

Position Purpose and Overview: The mission of First United Methodist Church is to love better. We are here to help people grow in love toward God, others, and themselves by connecting them to Christ. We seek to accomplish this mission by encouraging and equipping each other to do no harm, to do good, and to stay connected with God and one another. The Children Ministry Director will lead the children ministry according to this mission and vision, empowering our children to love better in age-appropriate ways.

Expectations of All Half Time Church Staff: Be Safe Sanctuary certified Attend 2 Ministry Support Team meetings per year Attend 2 church-wide events per year Attend weekly staff meetings Continue faith formation and spiritual growth in one’s Christian journey

Position Responsibilities: Be responsible for the day to day ministry with children in grades Preschool through 5. This ministry includes but is not limited to: mid-week programming, Children’s Worship, Sunday School, other children and family ministry. Create an open, welcoming, honest atmosphere for children and adult leaders. Implement a comprehensive, well-balanced, Biblical program for children consistent with the vision for Next Gen Ministry and our discipleship pathway. Collaborate with the Next Gen Coordinator to ensure consistency and sustainability of ministry that is not entirely dependent on any individual leader. Work in conjunction with the Next Gen Coordinator and Youth Ministry Director to recruit, coordinate and train volunteers; ensure that all volunteers are Safe Sanctuary certified; ensure leaders have needed resources to lead their ministry area. Develop student leaders. Establish a clear communication plan. This plan will include communication with children and families, volunteer workers, the congregation, the Nursery Coordinator and other staff. Empower parents to be partners in their children’s faith journeys. Participate actively in the local community, including school events, local organizations and volunteer opportunities. Engage with children and families through creative, relevant and effective means as a way to develop relationships with them. Coordinate and collaborate with the Nursery Coordinator to develop Biblical lessons, educate children, and transition children from the nursery program to children’s ministry.

Specific Goals: Over the course of the next year, EMPLOYEE will focus in the following areas. S/he will meet with her supervisor on a quarterly basis to discuss progress and to receive any needed support. Identify the particular goals that you and the employee have discussed for the upcoming year. Be specific, as these will be the goals that will be discussed during evaluations and quarterly check-ins. Also list what support structures the employee will need to accomplish these goals. Additionally, EMPLOYEE will participate in a spiritual growth plan, following our Love Better model. S/He will utilize the attached LOVE BETTER GOAL SHEET to help s/he and his/her supervisor navigate this process. Upon hire, attach Love Better Goal Sheet as evaluation tool. Growth and Training: Identify how the employee will continue to grow in his/her field in the coming year.

Oversight: Volunteer leaders

Contact: Tom Strother

Address: 201 Monroe St Jefferson City MO 65101

Phone: 5739996990