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Director of Youth Ministries - Liberty UMC

Post Date: March 24, 2022

The Director of Youth Ministries will be responsible for the discipleship and spiritual formation for all youth from 6th to 12th grade at Liberty United Methodist Church. He/She will plan and oversee Youth (LUMY) events, weekly programs, and retreats and will equip and train volunteers to lead those programs. Responsible for dreaming, championing, and implementing a clear vision for Liberty United Methodist Youth (LUMY) and for sharing and building on the vision. Move forward the vision on LUMY though thoughtful events, weekly programs, or retreats. Recruit and develop adult and student leaders to implement the vision of Liberty United Methodist Youth. Prepare and train leaders, find resources to equip them with, and create spaces for leaders to be challenged and lead independently. All leaders, adult or student, invested in the youth ministry should be able to articulate the vision of LUMY and how their role helps fulfill that vision. Lead youth worship, planning events, and creating programs that help fulfill the vision of Liberty United Methodist Youth by doing research on how to share the message of Jesus Christ in a way that connects to youth. Research methods to reach the youth audience in various ways which may involve reading books, blogs, and studying youth development, studying different youth curriculum, and having intentional conversations with youth, and parents of youth, to observe how the specific community is struggling in their relationship with God. Create 6 engaging “entry level” community events per year that invite new students into the LUMY worshipping community. Run a monthly inquiry to see which students have not attended in the past three weeks and have a system in place to outreach to those students. Compose a student apprenticeship team that meets monthly, has a clear vision, and is composed of at least 8 people. Create clear role descriptions that incorporate the mission of LUMY for small group leaders, hospitality team, set up team, social team, confirmation mentors, youth council, and student leaders. Other duties as assigned.

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Contact: Laurie Roark - Church Administrator

Address: 1001 Sunset Avenue, Liberty, MO, 64068

Phone: 816-781-4554

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