Church Starts

It’s time to reach more people, younger people, more diverse people. It is time to be about kingdom building, not institution building. The United Methodist Church has identified four pathways for our mission and outreach. The number one pathway is establishing new congregations.

Our strategy in Missouri is to invest in Leadership by recruitment, assessment, equipping, coaching, mentoring, and networking for a pool of new planters to effectively start at least three new congregations each year. We will be allocating significant time, leadership and resources to planting new congregations. If we know that new churches reach more people per capita and if we value reaching new people for Christ who are de-churched or unchurched we must make this a priority.

There are multi-types of new starts that congregations and pastors can participate with:

  • Partner church starts
  • Mother - daughter starts
  • Second site starts
  • Satellite starts
  • New faith community starts

Path 1 New Church Starts at GBOD

Path 1 Website

New Church Starts

  • Nathan Hopping – Harmony                                      

  • Troy Merseal – Sunrise at Wright City                                     

  • Danny Lybarger – The Gathering at Webster Groves                                         

  • Fred Burgard – La Croix in Benton                                           

  • Ymbar Polanco – Oakton/Carthage La Plenitud                                  

  • Marino Chacon – La Trinidad at Concord Trinity                                 

  • Elsie Quintalla-Perez – La Trinidad at Arlington                                     

  • Mai Le – Family of Faith                               

  • Leanna van Zandt – Evolution                                     

  • Michael Scott – Woods Chapel, Blue Springs                                         

  • Kayla Meredith – Good Shepherd, Gladstone                                  

  • Andrew Moyer – The Light                                           

  • Kevin McNeely – Grace, Eldorado Springs                               

  • Dustin Bryson – Morning Star East                                          

  • Mark Hansche – Damascus Road                          

  • Brad Bryan – Wilkes Blvd. Re-Start                                            

  • Jeff Williams – True Vine                              

  • Fataki Mutambala – Kuomba                                      

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