Check Your Certification

Updates to this page will be discontinued on December 31, 2022. To check the status of a Safe Gatherings certification, contact your local church Safe Gathering Administrator.


Please search for your intended volunteers or counselors certification status by first and last name and click on search OR enter a church name and click search. To conduct multiple searches, simply type in additional names OR churches one at a time in the appropriate search field.

If your search by First and Last name does not result in finding an applicants’ name, this means they currently do not have a Safe Sanctuary certification record and are not certified. If an applicant needs to obtain a Safe Sanctuary certification or if your certification has expired, please contact your Local Church Associate (LCA) to request a certification course be emailed to them.

A search by church, will produce a list of ALL applicants from this particular church that have a certification record and will provide the status of each person's certification record. Once you have clicked on the Search button a list will autofill. You will then have the option to print this list. If you do not find the applicant’s name in the listing, this means they do not currently have a Safe Sanctuary certification record, and must contact their Local Church Associate (LCA) to request a certification course be emailed to them.

We have transitioned to a new online abuse prevention program as of January 1, 2020, called Safe Gatherings

Certifications in this search tool are for Safe Sanctuaries certifications that have not yet expired. To check the status of an applicant’s Safe Gatherings certification in the new Safe Gatherings system, you must contact the (SGA) Safe Gatherings Administrator or Pastor at their church if you do not find a current record in the Safe Sanctuaries system.