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Leadership Nexus

Leadership Nexus offers a variety of training avenues for pastors, church staff and Christian leaders as well as valuable consulting services. We also offer books, CD's, and DVD's of our training events and other resources we feel are especially helpful. For a list of upcoming Leadership Nexus events, please visit their website.


RSI Stewardship

Since 1972 RSI has provided trusted stewardship counsel to churches as they engage in capital growth. RSI is a Pursuant company, which employs more than 175 professionals, each uniquely qualified to help you reach your goals. RSI has made the difference for more than 9,000 congregations of all sizes nationwide, raising more than $9 billion.


Business Know-How

These "Eight Steps to Attracting Clients" aren't limited to building a successful business. There's also some great advice for building successful churches in there as well!


Horizons Stewardship

Horizons was founded in 1992 by Dr. Clif Christopher, an ordained pastor and stewardship consultant, to assist churches and other faith-based institutions to make strategic decisions and secure the necessary capital to accomplish their mission. We believe that we are all creatures of a loving God who gifted each one of us that we might use our gifts to enable His will to be done.

To date, Horizons has helped secure over 400 million dollars for its clients with over 100 million in the last year alone. Horizons has consultants located throughout the United States who stand ready to serve churches and our non-profit clients.


Faith Connector

FaithConnector is a church website design company lots of extras for as little as $54/month. This is the easiest, most affordable way to get the most church web design, website and content management system (CMS) for the least cost.


Midnight Oil Productions

Midnight Oil's goal is to further the vision of worship for the digital age through ideas, resources and seminars that work for local churches.


Sermon Spice

Sermon Spice is the number one resource for downloadable sermons illustration videos. When you purchase a video from us you will gain access to five download attempts of the video you have previewed and chosen. The video will have the same content as the full length previews we offer, but you will download a higher resolution copy without the water mark.


Rethink Church

Powered by the Holy Spirit, 'Rethink Church' serves as a catalyst that moves the denomination, and those we hope to reach, into dialogue and ultimately, into transformative, collaborative action.


Best Christian Workplaces Institute

Best Christian Workplaces Institute is a subsidiary of Best Workplaces Institute, Inc., a research-based organizational development and human resources consulting firm that provides integrated solutions to transform your workplace.

Discover how to create a healthy staff culture at your organization. Best Christian Workplaces Institute’s survey is a proven way to benchmark and track the health of your organization’s staff culture.


Path 1 and the General Board of Discipleship

Path 1 is a team of leaders drawn from national, regional and local levels of The United Methodist Church whose mission is to provide collaborative leadership to re-evangelize the USA so that we might reach more people, more young people, more diverse people for Christ by creating new places for new people.


Ten Provocative Questions for the United Methodist Church

In November, 2007 Lovett H. Weems, Jr. addressed the United Methodist Council of Bishops and posed ten provocative questions inspired by the 2007 State of the Church Report.


Transforming Churches Network

For more information on TCN or to order manuals, please contact below:

Transforming Churches Network
PO Box 333
Cordova, TN 38088