Candidate Paperwork Submission Portal

Upload Instructions


Please Read Carefully!

1. To upload a document, please click the below link.

2. A popup window will open asking you to enter your name. Please Enter your full name.
   Note: If you have previously uploaded a document, please enter the same name you used prior.

3. Next click 'Choose File' and locate the file you wish to upload. After selecting the file and clicking ok, the file name should now be listed next to the Choose File button.

4. Finally click Upload File. If you're uploading a large file like a video, and depending on your Internet speed, this step may take a few minutes. Once the file successfully uploads, you will receive a 'File Uploaded Successfully' message.

5. You may now close the popup window. If you have another file to upload, simply repeat the steps 1-4. If you've completed uploading files, you can close this screen and you will contacted with a link you can use to verify the information you've uploaded.


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