You're a Lay Leader! ...Now What?

When I served as Lay Leader of my local congregation, occasionally I was asked “what does a Lay Leader do?” I tried to respond as best I could, but it probably sounded a lot like “whatever the pastor asks me to do.”

If you’re a lay leader in your congregation, you may be wondering the same thing – “just what am I supposed to do in this position? If you have a clear understanding of that, then may God bless you and make your work fruitful! If not, read on – maybe something the Lay Ministry Team has developed will help you.

Yes, all of us laity who are called to positions of leadership should work with the pastor, supporting his / her leadership in ministry. And the Lay Leader is in a unique position to work closely with the pastor -- supporting, encouraging, advising, and of course praying. But exactly what that looks like will depend upon the specific context, so it’s not easy to give a precise job description. Yet that’s what our District Lay Leaders have told me is needed as so many persons serving as local Lay Leaders ask “what should I be doing?”

So we’ve developed a Job Description just for you. And a website link that’s also just for you. You’ll find the Job Description, along with some other helpful resources, in the new “Laity Leadership” tab in the conference website.

Just go to www., the conference website. On the left side you’ll see several “Quick Links”, and the last one is “Laity Leadership”. That’s it -- just click on it! You’ll find the Job Description if you click the “Lay Leader” sub-tab, plus contact information for your district lay leaders (Lay Ministry Team), and a reading list of helpful books. Other helpful items under the main “Laity Leadership” tab are sections on Lay Servant Ministries, Lay Leadership Development (LLD), and a “blog” with my articles and a place to share your own comments. You’ll want to check out this section every now and then for updates – and use it along with the entire conference site as a handy resource. It’s a great way to stay connected with ideas and resources for your leadership work in your congregation.

One other resource I’d encourage you to use is your District Lay Leader. If you don’t know that person, then ask your pastor, contact your district office, or check the website list.

After all this do you still want to know what to do? Pray. Listen for the Spirit. Talk with your pastor. Encourage everyone. And lead toward fruitfulness in the mission God has for your congregation in reaching your community. May God bless you as you discern and respond to the “new thing” God is doing in your congregation through – YOU – as a Lay Leader.

Thanks again for your leadership!

Grace and Peace,