Ten Words for a Fruitful Lay Ministry

Have you ever noticed the tendency for leaders to simplify things in communicating? Complex, multi-dimensional ideas are simplified into a few key words. This helps in memory retention, and also helps focus upon the essential idea undergirding the message. You know what I mean – 3 key points to a sermon, 3 Simple Rules, 5 Practices, 7 Habits, Top 10 Lists, etc. You also see pastors presenting many a sermon series with 3-7 messages around a single common theme.

OK, I’m about to join the trend. Why? Well, many of you have wondered for a long time what a lay leader is really supposed to do. Our Lay Ministry Team has tried to answer this question in several ways, including: a simplified job description (available on the website); speaking at lay leader training events where we emphasize 2 things: pastor, and mission; District Lay Leaders connecting with and advising local lay leaders; and lately the Lay Leadership Development (LLD) program.

Those are all good and will continue to help. But I’m going to simplify even further. So . . . here are TEN WORDS TO REMEMBER for a FRUITFUL LAY MINISTRY:


Over the next few weeks in this column we’ll discuss each of these and why they are important to your lay ministry. There isn’t a particular order, except that Jesus always comes first.

Oh, yes -- and we’re focusing upon these words SO THAT we can be effective in leading our congregations to bear “fruit” -- making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world (remember my last article about the two powerful leadership words?).

As we approach the fall season, when church activities grow, it’s important to remember the basics of our faith and the basics of leadership. These 10 Words are offered to help you remember and develop even greater fruitfulness in your lay ministry, working with your pastor to lead positive change in your congregation’s outreach to make disciples of Jesus Christ, thereby transforming people and ultimately the world. Of course, wrapped around everything is PRAYER, seeking God’s wisdom and discernment, that our efforts will be in accordance with His plan and purpose.