Focus on Sustainability in 2011

Focus on Sustainability in 2011

Imagine reducing the number of district superintendants in southern Mozambique from 16 to 6. Imagine connecting in a country were only about 12% of the population has electricity. That is just what is happening in Mozambique. Ironically cell signals abound! One of the sustainability projects offered is a “solar communications system”. Using solar panel, battery and extension cords, a church can charge a cell phone, and for a small fee create a fund-raising opportunity by charging the cell phones of others, earning $1-2 USD per day.

The Ozark United Methodist Church mission team, working at Mapinhane United Methodist Church in Mozambique during March, has been testing the system by charging their cell phones daily and providing light in the parsonage while they are constructing the permanent chapel there.

This and other sustainability projects will be funded by the 2011 Mozambique offering at the June Annual Conference.

Contact MI coordinator, Carol Kreamer, 636-271-4455 to learn more.


Naftal Massela, here showing solar communication system which will be supported by 2011 Missouri Conference Mozambique offering, demonstrates the system at Mapinhane where Ozark UMC mission team is helping to construct permanent chapel. The mission team is charging their cell phones and lighting the parsonage with the system. Depending on size, the systems cost from $250 - $425. Your church can give the gift of connection and sustainability. Give a solar communications system.