Summer is almost over

This has been a great summer.  For many it has been a spiritual high with camps and mission trips. 

This month most will be returning to the routine of school.  For many is it a new adventure.  There are those entering middle school for the first time or maybe high school or college.  These are transitions that create change.  How are we as a church reaching out to these students?  How are we helping them to create a community that is safe and a place to belong?

Many churches will have back to school events.  Oftent these are fun and exciting.  We encourage them to bring friends.  How are we creating community at these big events?  Are we even following up with everyone who attends.  Is there a welcoming and personal contact made with the student leaders or the adults for the many new people that come?

Then there are those that will be leaving for college.  As a church how are we supporting them as they find a new place, a Christian community away from home?  If they are not leaving home, how are we helping them to find their place in the life of the local church as now a young adult and no longer a youth?  Do we even have a place for them in our churches?  

Some suggestions as we support our students as they leave  home.  Check the MC2 page on and send their information to the campus ministry where they are attending school.  Contact the local church in the community and let them know that there is a student attending school in their community.  Encourage and even pay for them to attend CONNECT, November Nov. 5-6 at Camp Windmere.  This is an opportunity for the youth leader to attend with them, again helping them to connect with the familiar and transition them to the college community.   You will find information on the web site with a registration.  Matt Neely and Adam Wheately will be providing the leadership for this spiritual growth weekend as we try to connect students. 

Beverly Boehmer