King’s Way UMC funds Bibles and hymnals in local language for Mozambique

Each year churches wish to provide Bibles and hymnals for congregations in Mozambique. Bibles cost about $5 and hymnals about $4 in local languages.

King’s Way UMC recently donated more than $700 for Bible and hymnals for each of their partner churches, Makhate UMC in the North and Malhazine UMC in the South.

MI representative Ezequiel Nhantumbo presented the Bibles and hymnals to Makhate UMC members during the recent North Annual Conference session in Mozambique.

Makhate pastor, Rev. Gloria Isaias, wrote on behalf of the Makhate UMC congregation, “I was overwhelmed when the conference secretary announced that the MI representative would need the people of Makhate during the session break to deliver Christian education materials. Many of my colleagues from other churches within my district and from other districts were asking me ‘what was the secret to have such blessings?’ I said blessings come in many ways …do not give up connecting your covenant partner. And so, I am really touched and will share back this information and gift to my congregation in Makhate.” Pastor Isaias expressed joy for this special gift from partners and particularly for the fact that the materials are in Portuguese and Shona (local language).

To learn more about donating funds for Bibles and hymnals in Mozambique, contact Carol Kreamer at 636-271-4455 or Carol Kreamer.