Assessment and Consultant Resources

Assessment Resources

  • MissionInsite Demographics
  • Walk-around assessment
  • Building assessments
  • Assistance with relocations and remodels
  • Weekend interventions
  • Congregational self studies
  • Strategic planning
  • On-site consultations

Consultation Services

Most churches occasionally need an outside pair of eyes. Most us of who have been around church a long time no longer even notice things that need changing. We simply get used to our surroundings. A consultant comes with a new pair of eyes to help a congregation make effective decisions about their future. A successful evaluation requires an intervention by a professional. There is no such thing as a self–administered evaluation. No doubt we can be self evaluative, but without the outside or professional evaluation we miss a valuable and needed aspect of our examination. Even professional physicians go to other physicians to get an examination and treatment.

The Center of Congregational Excellence can provide or help a congregation find effective consultants with the intent of helping congregations establish the basic nine systems that help a church become effective.