Apportionment Line Items

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As United Methodists in Missouri, we have many opportunities to give freely: to help a hungry child, to encourage and support those called to the ministry, to welcome someone who speaks a different language, to enable clean water to flow in villages halfway across the world, to give hope after disaster strikes, to reach out our hands and share love in so many ways with so many people. We have many opportunities to share the gifts God has given us and to receive so much in return. We are able, as United Methodists working together, to do much more than we could alone.

The apportioned items that follow were approved at the 2023 Annual Conference session for the 2024 apportioned budget. They offer us many opportunities to make disciples who make a difference in our world and strengthen our local ministries as we help others.

Apportioned Funds: General Church

WORLD SERVICE: $1,258,933
This fund is the heart of our denomination-wide ministry, underwriting Christian mission and ministry worldwide. It supports all boards and agencies and strengthens evangelism efforts; stimulates church growth; expands Bible studies; and enriches spiritual commitment.

The United Methodist Church has 13 seminaries to train clergy. This fund provides assistance to those who are in seminary. A portion of the fund is used by the Board of Ordained Ministry for working with those preparing for ministry and for continuing education and other pastoral support for current clergy.

Bishops serve the annual conferences and provide leadership to the entire denomination. This fund supports salaries, benefits and expenses. It is apportioned to the Missouri Conference from the General Conference. Bishops are an important connection among the annual conferences, central conferences, the general church and the world.

The Jurisdictional Fund includes the jurisdictional administration fund and supports the work of our South Central Jurisdiction. This fund includes: Lydia Patterson and SMU Campus Ministry.

United Methodism supports 11 Black colleges and a medical school that maintain an ongoing relationship with the denomination. It helps to provide well-equipped buildings, solid academic programs, strong faculties, a nurturing environment to encourage students in each new generation, and to affirm and celebrate African-American heritage and culture.

The General Administration Fund pays administrative expenses of GCFA, which underwrites the legislative work of General Conference, funds the work of the Judicial Council to adjudicate questions of church law, and maintains United Methodism’s official documents and historical artifacts.

This United Methodist university is the first nongovernment institution of higher education in Africa. It was established to serve the entire continent of Africa, to offer post-secondary education for students from all of Africa, and to specialize in education in schools of agriculture, theology, and management and business.

Apportioned Funds: Conference Support

CLERGY SUPPORT: $1,176,000
This fund supports health insurance for retirees and their families, equitable compensation, and retiree moving grants.

The fund covers salaries, utilities, travel, professional expenses and continuing education for the five district superintendents and two conference superintendents. The superintendents provide assistance and resources to local churches, districts and annual conference, the bishop in appointing pastors, and clergy pastoral care.

This fund helps support the Congregational Development Team, new church starts, the Commission on Higher Education and hispanic ministry.

These funds are used by the Mission, Service and Justice and Values teams to lead congregations in risk-taking mission, sacrificial service and transformative justice ministries. Funds include support for Volunteers in Mission, disaster response, ethnic local church concerns, race and culture work, and Native American ministries as well as administrative (staffing) support for Festival of Sharing and the Mozambique Initiative.

The fund helps the Board of Ordained Ministry provide pastoral counseling, offer student aid for seminary and course of study, process candidates for ministry, support Residents in Ministry, and provide summer internships for college students.

This fund is comprised of healthy boundaries, conference communications, Central Methodist University, nominations and leadership development team, and Conference staff. It also provides funds for Annual Conference designed by the Sessions Team.

This fund supports clergy professional development and lay leadership training by hosting and underwriting learning opportunities, creating and supporting cohort learning for both lay and clergy, creating content and coordinating delivery of lay training modules, and creating and supporting renewal experiences for clergy and laity, like Soul Connections retreats.

This fund helps the Conference provide services to local churches across the state. It includes funds for Conference trustees, Episcopal office support and Conference treasurer’s office.

The Office of Next Generation Ministries supports ministry to children, youth and college-aged adults by funding grants to college ministries, creating a variety of summer camp experiences, and supporting NextGen leaders in our local churches.