Safe Sanctuaries by Joy Melton

Joy Melton has written several books designed to assist churches in developing policy and procedures for working with children and youth. DVDs and videos of supporting material are available to order. Find out more at these links:


  1.  Safe Sanctuaries - Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth – Joy Melton; Discipleship Resources; 2008.
  1. Safe Sanctuaries for Ministers – Best Practices and Ethical Decisions  - Joy Melton; Discipleship Resources; 2009.
  2. Safe Sanctuaries – The Church Responds to Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Older Adults – Joy Melton; Discipleship Resources; 2012.
  3. Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations – A Resource for Leaders – Karen McClintock; The Alban Institute; 2004.
  1. Safe Sanctuaries in a Virtual World - Joy Melton and Michelle Foster; Discipleship Resources; 2014
  1. Healthy Disclosure – Solving Communication Quandaries in Congregations - Karen McClintock and Kibbie Ruth; The Alban Institute; 2007

National Sex Offender Public Registry

This website is provided as a public service by the U.S. Department of Justice. The public may search participating state public information regarding the presence or location of offenders, who, in most cases, have been convicted of sexually violent offenses against adults and children and certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors. This is an educational tool to learn about the possible presence of such offenders in their local communities.

Internet Resources

FaithTrust Institute

FaithTrust Institute, formerly the Center for Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, offers a wide range of resources, including training, consultation and educational materials.  FaithTrust Institute is an international, multifaith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence. It provides communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge they need to address the religious and cultural issues related to abuse. FaithTrust Institute works with many communities, including Asian, Buddhist, Jewish, Latino, Muslim, Black, Anglo, Protestant and Roman Catholic.

Background Screens

Background screens are included as part of the local church online software process. Contact the Safe Sanctuaries office for more information.

Missouri Department of Health: Family Care Safety Registry

The Missouri Department of Health's Family Care Safety Registry is available to check if a person is already on the registry or you may download or print registry forms from this site. If your church decides to use this registry, you may download the forms and change the address at the bottom of the form to that of the church, if you want the applicants to return the form and money to your office, and not the state.