What is the process for completing Safe Sanctuaries certification?

The process for completing Safe Sanctuaries certification is to contact your Local Church Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator (LCA). Provide the LCA with your official, first and last name and email address. The LCA will Initialize or start your certification training and screening process, by sending you an email with the login information and the website that you need to use.

What is the difference between Local Church and Conference Certification?

There are two levels of certification, and an applicant can be certified at either level or both levels.

  1. Conference Certification is specifically for District or Conference activities because there are additional requirements for supervision at District/Conference events. Examples of District/Conference events are attending the WOW Youth Rally, a conference or district sponsored Mission trip, a conference or district retreat, a confirmation, or serving as a camp counselor.
  2. Local Church Certification is specifically for events at the local church level such as serving as a Sunday School teacher, a pre-school teacher, serving at a Vacation Bible School, serving in a day care operation, working in a church nursery, providing computer technical support, or serving as a cook, or van driver for a local church event.
  3. Supervision is the ability for a person to be in charge of a group of children, youth or vulnerable adults, giving direction, setting boundaries, disciplining appropriately, maintaining safety and being the adult in all situations.

What fees are there for Local Church or Conference online certification?

The individual applicant fee is $30 per person which includes the background screen, online training and software costs.

What if an individual cannot do online either because of internet access or because of limited familiarity with computers?

Someone in the church who is comfortable with computers can assist you, or a local church or district office. You can go to a library for internet access. All District offices have high speed internet access.

How long does the certification last?

The certification is good for four years from the date of the Safe Sanctuaries training.

Is it necessary for me to be Missouri-trained and certified as I live out of state and will be participating in a Missouri Conference or District event?

You must be certified by the Missouri Conference Safe Sanctuaries program in order to attend a Missouri Conference or District event.

For more information please e-mail the Safe Sanctuaries office and we will assist you with questions about training options.

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