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RE: Reflect, Recenter, Reclaim

Ministry is constantly challenging and changing. 

Re offers space to reflect on the presence of God in our lives and ministry.
Re allows reflection on our gifts, strengths and challenges in ministry. 
Believing that our well-being and our ability to be effective in ministry for Christ are deeply connected, Re gives space to respond to the question, “What is next with God?”

Active full-time clergy who have been serving five years or longer are invited to participate in a nine-month flourishing in ministry process to Reflect·Recenter·Reclaim their passion in ministry.

All full-time clergy who have served five years or longer are required, according to paragraph 349.3 of the Book of Discipline, to engage in an “eight year assessment.” In the Missouri Conference, Re is the process for completing this BOD requirement. Re began in 2018, so by 2026, all full-time clergy beyond four years of service should have completed Re.

Matt Bloom’s Wellbeing at Work “examines what motivates pastors and priests to be engaged in ministry — and what disrupts them from experiencing wellbeing in their work.” Ministerial leaders are often properly reminded of how to sharpen ministerial skills — preaching, mission, administration, etc. — but ministerial leaders also desperately need space to deepen their commitments to God, self and community through spiritual and self-care practices.Re aims to give ministerial leaders an environment and community to address these needs and offer support.

Re is designed to:

  • Equip ministerial leaders with tools and offer assessments they can use to reflect on their overall health. From there, ministers will recenter and develop a plan for their next chapter of ministry. 

  • Offer relevant speakers, leaders, coaches and spiritual directors at retreats. After assessments and theological reflection, the program concludes with a celebration and recommitment to one's place in ministry.

Our first two retreat settings will offer assessments and tools to reflect on five areas of overall health or wellbeing: physical, spiritual, emotional, social and financial. Relevant speakers, leaders, coaches and spiritual directors will be on hand at retreats. After assessments and theological reflection in the first two retreats, participants will develop their own plan for wellbeing. Future online events in all five dimensions of wellbeing will be offered to help resource the growth, and participants may choose to participate in those events or find other resources to be part of their plan. Re will culminate in April with a celebration of progress and learning achieved and a recommitment to one’s place in ministry.