Missouri Conference Course of Study Options

Course of Study

The Course of Study (COS) is prescribed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry – Division of Ordained Ministry (Paragraph 1421.3d, 2016 Book of Discipline). It includes License School and the Five-Year Basic Course of Study or Part-Time Ministerial Leader Curriculum. In prescribing the COS, the Division of Ordained Ministry is responsible for developing curriculum, purpose and learning goals; providing resources; establishing, maintaining, and evaluating License Schools and Course of Study Schools (COS); keeping central records on all students, and reporting on student progress to each Board of Ordained Ministry every year.

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Advanced Course of Study

After completing the basic Course of Study, a local pastor may choose to continue the process toward Provisional membership through the Advanced Course of Study. It includes 32 hours of Masters level education in a seminary recognized by the University Senate. It must include United Methodist History, United Methodist Doctrine and United Methodist Polity  (Paragraph 324.6d, 2016 Book of Discipline).

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For more information about the Course of Study program, visit the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry website. 

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