2022 Conference Journal

The 2022 Journal of the Annual Conference session is available below in a downloadable PDF format.

If you did not order a copy of the Journal, either on paper, or CD, contact Heather Dease at hdease@moumethodist.org

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Introductory Information  
  Contact Information for Conference Offices & Staff 6
  Conference Theme 7
  Annual Conference Offerings 7
  District Superintendents of the Missouri Conference 8
Section A Episcopal Leadership 9
  Missouri Bishops and Surviving Spouses 10
  Extended Cabinet 11
  Ordinands 12   
Section B  Conference Leaders 13
  Conference Officers 14
  Boards 15
  Committees 16
  Councils 17
  Teams 18
  District Officers 20
  Missionaries From Missouri 28
Section C  Directories 29
  Retirees 30
  Lay Members of the Annual Conference 31
  Lay Members Representing a District, Church or Charge 33
  Missouri Conference Surviving Spouses 42
Section D Annual Conference Sessions 44
  Session Minutes 45
  The Business of the Annual Conference 57
Section E  Appointments 100
  Conference Clergy Relationship Codes 101
  Appointments By District 101
  Clergy Service Record 105
Section F  Rules and Policies 106
  Missouri Annual Conference Standing Rules 107
  Board of Trustees Policy and Procedures 119
  Clergy Support Team Policies and Procedures 120
  Council on Finance & Administration Policies and Procedures 128
  Council on Finance & Administration Internal Policies 136
Section G Reports 141
  Clergy Support Team Report 142
  Episcopacy Report 150
  Values Team Report 151
  Reports From Affiliate Educational Institutions 153
Section H Historical 175
  Memoirs of God's Faithful Servants 176
  Clergy Spouse Memoirs 183
  The Unchanging Role of the Honored Dead 187
Section I   Administration 199
  Missouri Annual Conference Budget 200
  Treasurer's Report 210

Statistical Tables