Cindy Evans

Church Name: SunRise (O'Fallon)
Gateway Regional

Share any relevant background information including leadership experience both within the church and in other areas of your life.

As a lifelong Methodist, I love serving my church. Growing up I was active in the youth group (MYF) and choir. I have lived in several different areas of Missouri. As an adult, I have served in many ways. In no apparent order, I remember: Participating in small groups and Bible studies at every church where I’ve been a member; 1 year as Mission Committee Chair (Wesley UMC, Jefferson City); Choir member Kimberling City UMC and Wesley UMC; handbell choir member at Manchester UMC and Wesley UMC;1 term as UMW President at Manchester UMC (1994-1996);Lay member to Annual Conference, 2004-2005 (Wesley) and 2006-2009 (SunRise UMC);Walk to Emmaus pilgrim (1991), teams (1992-2001), Agape Chapel leader (2000), lay director (2001), and board advisor twice; South District UMW “Mission Coordinator for Christian Personhood” (1990-1993); MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) caregiver, SunRise UMC (2008-present);Regular weekly participation in SRUMC "Month of Prayer" (2011-2018). Other non-church activities.

Describe your personal practices of intentional faith development that strengthen your spiritual engagement with God and your capacity for fruitful leadership in the church.

Since my children (now 35 and 34) were toddlers, I start my day with about an hour of personal quiet time, which includes Christian music, personal Bible reading/study, and prayer.  I participate in small groups at every church where I have been/am a member. I spend at least one hour per week in the prayer room during SunRise UMC’s annual “Month of Prayer.” Spending regular time with the Lord is THE most important part of my day!

Why do you seek election as a lay delegate representing the Missouri Conference?

I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I love my/this church, and I am tired of the years of infighting. While not a delegate, I attended the 2019 General Conference as a visitor (not a delegate), and came away incredibly frustrated. Within a couple days after the closing, I felt the Lord calling me to run for the position of lay delegate. It was not an audible call, but a compelling nudge that I cannot ignore – I am running in obedience to Him. If elected, I would be honored to serve at both the General and the Jurisdictional Conferences.

How will your involvement in General Conference 2020 support the church to fulfill the mission “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”?

The purpose of General Conference is to set the policy and polity for the entire denomination. I hope and pray that my votes and actions help to move us away from fighting one another and toward Jesus, so we can “make disciples for the transformation of the world” as we believe He is leading us. It is only by finding a way to stop the quadrennial infighting that we can truly focus on our calls to discipleship.

Since the primary focus for Jurisdictional Conference is to elect new bishops, what qualifications do you think the church needs in its future episcopal leaders?

First and foremost, we need bishops whose personal heart’s desire is the “Lord Jesus Christ” – people who want to serve Him before all else. Bishops should possess the spiritual gifts of leadership, administration, teaching, discernment and faith.