2013 Conference Journal

The 2013 Journal of the Annual Conference session is available below as a digital publication.

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Missouri Annual Conference 2013 Journal

Covers Front and back cover, contact information


  Inside Front Cover  
Forward Table of Contents  
  District Map i
  Table of Contents ii
  Contact Info for Conference Offices and Staff iv
  Mission and Vision vi
  Five Expectations and Five Practices vii
  District Superintendents viii
Section A Episcopal Leadership  
  Missouri Bishops and Surviving Spouses A-2
  2013 Extended Cabinet A-3
  2013 Ordinands A-4
Section B Leaders  
  Conference Officers B-4
  1 Council B-5
  2 Teams B-6
  3 Boards B-11
  4 Commissions B-15
  5 Committees B-15
  6 Task Forces B-18
  7 Conference Organizations B-19
  8 District Officers B-21
  9 Wesley Foundation and Related Institutions B-37
  10 Service Beyond the Missouri Conference B-39
Section C Directories  
  Church Directory (pdf only) C-2
  Pastoral Directory C-59
  Surviving Spouse Directory C-182
  Lay Members of Annual Conference Directory C-188
  Certified Lay Speakers Directory C-222
Section D Sessions  
  Friday, June 7 - Opening Session D-2 
  Friday, June 7 - Afternoon Session D-3
  Saturday, June 8 - Morning Session D-5
  Sunday, June 9 - Afternoon Session D-8
  Monday, June 10 - Morning Session D-10
  The Business of The Annual Conference D-14
  Part I Organization and General Business D-14
  Part II Pertaining to Ordained Ministers and Local Pastors D-22
  Part III Certification in Specialized D-47
  Part IV Certified Lay Ministry D-48
  Part V Diaconal Ministry D-49
  Part VI Appointments and Concluding Business D-50
Section E Appointments  
  Gateway Central E-2
  Gateway Regional E-5
  Heartland Central E-8
  Heartland North E-11
  Heartland South E-13
  Mark Twain E-15
  Mid-State E-17
  Ozarks North E-20
  Ozarks South E-22
  Pony Express E-24
  Southeast E-26
  Southwest E-28
  Missouri Clergy Service Record (Part 1 PDF and Part 2 PDF) E-30
Section F Rules & Policies  
  Missouri Annual Conference Standing Rules F-3
  100 Conference Structure F-3
  200 Annual Conference Membership and Session F-10
  300 Financial and Statistical Administration F-11
  400 Clergy Benefits F-12
  500 District Conference F-13
  Constitutional Admentments F-13
  Proposed Constitutional Amendments F-13
  Rationale for Proposed Constitutional Amendments F-15
  Board of Trustees and Policies and Procedures F-16
  Clergy Support Team Policies and Procedures F-17
  Health Insurance F-17
  Retiree Health Insurance F-18
  Policies and Procedures of the Council on Finance and Administration F-22
  I. General Policies and Procedures F-22
  II. Recommendations on General Church & Conference Support F-25
  III. Approved Special Offerings F-27
  Internal Policies of the Council on Finance and Administration F-28
  Membership F-28
  The Conference Treasurer 619 F-29
  Financial Procedures for the Missouri Conference F-29
  Conference Reserve Fund F-31
  Investment of Conference Funds F-31
  Other Policies F-31
  Moving Fund Report F-32
  2013 Moving Policy F-32
  Policy on Parsonages and Cash Housing Allowance F-33
  Standards and Guidelines for Church-Provided Residences F-35
Section G Reports  
  Clergy Support Team G-2
  Episcopacy and Episcopal Residence Committees G-9
  Missouri United Methodist Foundation G-10
  Reports that did not require approval by the Annual Conference are not printed here.  
  There is a permanent file kept in the Conference Office.  
Section H Historical   
  Memoirs of God's Faithful Servents H-2
  Missouri Conference H-2
  Clergy Spouses H-4
  Mozambique Conference: Clergy and Spouses H-8
  The Unchanging Role of the Honored Dead H-9
Section I Administration   
  2014 Missouri Annual Conference Budget I-2
  2012 Treasurer's Report I-9
  2012 Statistical Tables I-18
  Gateway Central I-18
  Gateway Regional I-26
  Heartland Central I-42
  Heartland North I-50
  Heartland South I-66
  Mark Twain I-82
  Mid-State I-98
  Ozark North I-114
  Ozark South I-130
  Pony Express I-146
  Southeast I-162
  Southwest I-178
  Conference Totals I-194