Treasurers Forms and Information

Missouri Conference Expense Voucher


           Questions:        If you have questions about these forms or you need a different form then please

                                   contact Liz Rooks, MO Conference UMW Treasurer. 


District and local treasurers may download and use these files as needed.

2017 Mission Minute Request Form

The 2017 Mission Minute is $24.38 +1.50 = $25.88


2017 Mission Minute Order Form
   Word Document

Local Unit Special Mission Recognition Form



 5-Star Unit Certificate

 5-Star Unit Certificate Doc Version

The District Treasurer's can customize this word document for their use.


District Treasurer Record Keeping

Cash Journal  Composite Reports A&MD Disbursements A&MD Disbursements-All Quarters
 50 Unit Summary  60 Unit Summary  80 Unit Summary

 100 Unit Summary



Remittance Forms for Treasurers

Local Treasurers

.pdf (PDF) .xls (excel)
Form-GTM Card Orders Form-GTM Card Orders
Form-Remittance Form-Remittance



Resources for Training

Records Retention Guidelines Sample Local Unit Budget Resources for Local Units of United Methodist Women


Sale of GTM Cards

  Voucher-Sale of GTM Cards-Blank