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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become Conference Safe Sanctuaries trained?

How long does the certification last?

The certification is good for four years from the date of the Safe Sanctuaries training.

Is it necessary for me to be Missouri-trained and certified as I live out of state and will be participating in a Missouri Conference or District event?

You must be certified by the Missouri Conference Safe Sanctuaries program in order to attend a Missouri Conference or District event. 

I provide volunteer services with children and youth at the local church. Do I need Conference certification in Safe Sanctuaries?

Local church-sponsored events are within the policies of your local church and Conference certification is not required. Your local church can provide Safe Sanctuaries local church policy information.

If I don’t need to be Conference-certified, can I attend a Conference Safe Sanctuaries training?

Yes.  Please refer to your local church policy for issues not covered by the conference training.

As a pastor who does not work with children or youth, do I need to be certified?  

All pastors are required to be Conference certified in Safe Sanctuaries.

How long does it take to receive certification?

The answer varies as it depends upon how long it takes for us to receive your registration fee, the application form, the reference form(s) and the background screening report.  You should contact the office if you have not received a letter within 30 days of your training date.

For more information please e-mail the Safe Sanctuaries office and we will assist you with questions about training options.

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