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Mozambique Initiative Team

  Mozambique Initiative

The Mozambique Initiative is a dynamic ministry that partners churches, groups, and individuals in Missouri and Mozambique for mutual service through the United Methodist Church. There are many facets of our ministry, which include safe water projects, micro-finance programs, leadership development initiatives, educational support and assistance with various social services. For more information please check out our website.

To donate to the Mozambique Initiative click below.

In order to get church credit please write your church name and number where specified; for special designation add memo (MI support, Bibles, computers, disaster relief, etc.) on the final screen of your payment.


Mozambique Initiative Team

Yvi Martin
Team Chair
Tim Rosenbury
Church Covenants Chair
Tony Blevins
Safe Water Projects Chair
Scott Giffen
Development Chair
Chris Sams
Humanitarian Institutions, Building Projects, and Disaster Relief Chair
Cynthia Taylor
Seminary Student Letters Administrator
Barb Shelly
Interpretation and Website Chair
Jen Dotson
Ambassador Program and Coordinator Support Chair
Larry Williams
Leadership Development and Capacity Building Chair
Linda Harris
Self-Sustainability Projects Chair


Contact Information

Sarah Bollinger
PO Box 2163
St. Louis, Mo 63158
Phone 314-623-0401
Email: Sarah Bollinger







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