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Healthy Church Initiative

Healthy Church Initiative Official Website

Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) Steps

The HCI process document outlines the pastor's schedule of events for the church consultation weekend.

Start or Renew a Ministry

This ministry has been established to start new churches and help transform existing churches to reach their growth potential. It provides resources for starting new congregations, strengthening existing congregations, and exploring alternative ministries.

This may include research and demographics for locating new church starts, assisting established churches adapt to change, and developing strategies for ministries in ethnic, urban, suburban, town and rural congregations of all sizes.


  • 12 HCI Weekend Consults (2014)
  • 10 HCI Weekend Consults (2015)
  • 10 SCI Weekend Consults (2014)

Contact information

The Missouri Annual Conference Center
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone 573-441-1770