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The Missouri Annual Conference has four Camping and Retreat Ministry sites. With a variety of amenities, the centers are comfortable for groups of all ages and sizes.  Utilize our facilities for your next Bible Study, Women's or Men's Retreat, Youth Rally, etc...  To find out more, you can contact the sites directly or the Conference office.

Please visit the Camping and Retreat Ministries website, !  All Calendar Changes, information, forms and updates will be posted there.  Here is the schedule for our 2014 year.  View our camp book here.

To regiser for 2014 Camps/Retreats, please click here!



In the gospels, there are a variety of examples of Jesus pulling away from the familiar so perspective could be gained, restoration could occur and new relationships could be fostered. Time in a place set aside for ministry can do amazing things for your small group, leadership team or family reunion. Your next retreat or special event can be held at one of these following sites!


Blue Mountain Center

Started with a gift from Dr. Whitener in the 1950s, Blue Mountain now has a total of 550 acres, largely undeveloped. This site is nestled in the Mark Twain National Forest, located between Fredericktown and Arcadia Valley. This site consists of many lodging facilities, a state-of-the-art dining hall, 16-acre lake and outdoor worship areas. Some of the recreational activities offered are 9-hole Frisbee golf, hiking trails, and a low-element challenge course.

Camp Galilee

With water from its Mid-Eastern namesake, the lake at Camp Galilee is one of the reasons campers return to this site year after year. Among the many amenities, Camp Galilee has outdoor worship centers, a swimming pool, a challenge course and a dining hall that serve as gathering spaces.

Camp Jo-Ota

Located in the north central part of Missouri, Jo-Ota was founded through the concerns and efforts of two women, Jo Riggs and Ota Barrow. The camp serves as a ministry center for the surrounding rural communities, and is equipped with both a lake and swimming pool. Jo-Ota's gentle terrain makes it an ideal place for younger campers and their families. Some favorite Jo-Ota activities include fishing, hiking and a challenge course.

Wilderness Retreat & Development Center

Located right outside of the Kansas City area and this site has three large lodges, some equipped with full kitchens, gathering rooms and unfinished basements for large group activities. Recently finished RV sites add a second camping area to the site. There are several options for recreational activities. Along with the standard trails, lake and wildlife viewing, visitors to the site can use the telescope "Goliath" to learn about the heavens.