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Devotionals on Building Churches

The 2009 Missouri Annual Conference Session offering is supporting the completion of churches in Mozambique. Beginning with Lent, through Easter and Pentecost, up to the Annual Conference Session, we will be posting devotional stories about unfinished church buildings.

Read about the church who scheduled their first wedding ceremony ever, and other compelling stories - all because they were building their church sanctuary.


Day Story
1 2009 AC Offering to complete unfinished church buildings in Mozambique!
2 Worship under the cashew-nut tree at Catembe
The body of Christ in Dondo's half-destroyed mud hut
4 Building the Spirit of the living God
5 Growing beyond the space in Goba
6 Members and the mango tree at Nazareta
7 Mother church Matingane UM
8 The Body of Christ in a half-destroyed mud hut
9 La Croix and Nicoadala face to face
10 The "empty" basket at Bento Navesse
11 Mapinhane UMC from seven families sitting on three logs
12 Machava UMC building with coin after coin
13 Building the Spirit of the Living God
14 Xinavane under the tree shade on the sugar plantation
15 Barrane UMC dreaming big!
16 Created for good works - becoming good friends at Massinga
17 God’s House our real home at Nelson Memorial and Gondola
18 Aeroporto UMC pure air and wonderful beach at Vilanculos
19 Lifted high at Aeroporto 
20 Land exchange leads to chapel at Montepuez 
21 Beira Central - Does your church have a roof?
22 Risk-taking mission and service with Mboningo
23 The Joy of worship in Mozambique at Mapinhane
24 Inhassoro church building prepares for burial
25 Jossefa Nhatitima UMC hosted missionaries long ago
26 Love One Another at Beira Central UMC
27 Ressano Garcia bordering South Africa
28 Easter arrives early at Inhassoro UMC
29 Somewhere Out There - Bishop Robert Schnase at Catembe
30  Lhavane UMC growing in rural Mozambique 
31 The Body of Christ at Aeroporto UMC
32  Pacule UMC named for traditional chiefdom 
33  Nova Mambone UMC builds to avoid flooding 
34 John Wesley UMC started in the open air
35  Mabote UMC a faithful and strong congregation 
36 CMC a neighborhood church born out of Malhazine 
37  Nampula UMC working to transform
38  Bispo Escrivão Zunguze UMC ALIVE in the Maputo Area 
39  Historic Chamanculo UMC close to finishing 
40 Magumbane UMC nearly complete on the hilltop
41 Nazareta UMC following the tree shade
42 Nacala the 3rd largest port city in Mozambique
43 Matsinhe-Goxane UMC a rich story of transformation
44 Goba UMC Somewhere out there...a new chapel rises in memoriam
45 Liberdade UMC witness in the world
46 Pentecost: They were all gathered together in one place


Pentecost bulletin insert

This bulletin insert is a resource for churches to be able to share more information about the project with their congregations. Download the word document to customize it for your church. (PDF) (Word)

Ideas sheet

The ideas sheet lists a number of creative ideas to promote this project. These suggestions were submitted by churches engaged in Mozambique mission and actually tried them!

For more information about this project or the Mozambique Initiative please contact:

Sarah Bollinger
Phone 314-623-0401
E-Mail: Sarah Bollinger