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Safe Sanctuaries

The Safe Sanctuaries program is a process developed to train and certify persons as safe workers with children and youth in Missouri Conference ministries. The policies were adopted in 1999, in response to God's call to welcome all children and to protect them from the devastating effects of child abuse.

Get Certified!

Online Training
With the online training and forms completion system, you can complete the entire certification process through the internet.

Online Forms 
Fill out the reference request forms online whether you have attended a live training, or the online training.

Overview of Certification Process
This is an overview of the steps to complete certification online OR through a live training.

Training Dates
Browse the list of training dates to find a live, first-time or renewal training, locate a church with the training cd, or find a train the trainer session.

Safe Sanctuaries Resources

Conference Certification Status
Check your certification status online by searching for your name or church.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Policy and Procedures
This is documentation of conference policy and procedures regarding Safe Sanctuaries.

Resource information
This is a collection of outside resources connected with Safe Sanctuaries.

Local Church Information

Conference and Local Church Differences
What is the difference between Conference and local church? Learn about the difference in responsibilities from the General Council and conference.

Developing Local Church Policy
These are tips on developing your Local Church policy, procedures and training.

Setting up a Conference Training
How does a local church set-up a conference training? Look over the steps on how your church can host a conference training.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Safe Sanctuaries Office
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, MO 65202

Phone 573-441-1770
Toll-free 1-877-736-1806
E-mail Safe Sanctuaries