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Daily Rounds for the Chaplaincy Staff

It’s daybreak in Northern India. As the city of Ludhiana emerges from darkness, Muslim and Sikh prayers drone over loudspeakers from countless places of worship. Men in turbans emerge from their homes, and street vendors start cooking the day’s spicy fare. In one small corner of this city – population 1.3 million – a crowd of Christian staff and students fills a breezy chapel with standing room only. Under a wooden cross, the students intone in Hindi to the beat of a...

Training Hearts and Hands to Heal in India at Ludhiana College of Nursing

In the northwest part of India, countless lives have been saved in the past 122 years because the love of God compelled hearts to action in 1889. The seeds of what has become Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital in Punjab, India were planted in the late 1800’s by Christians who believed that all people in India deserve access to medical care and to the healing power of Jesus. Cultural laws prevented male doctors from working with female patients and female doctors or nurses...

Marble Receives Mantle of Leadership for Ludhiana CMC US Board

It was a joy three years ago to be invited to join the Ludhiana CMC US Board, and now it is an even greater joy to serve as your new executive director. With deepest appreciation for the faithful leadership of Roberta Jones, I received the mantle of leadership as Dr. Dorothy Barbo transferred it from her shoulders to mine during the May Ludhiana CMC US Board meeting. I was born in Mussoorie, India, in 1949 where my parents were serving as missionaries from Missouri. I left India in 1967 to...

Threat of Quran burning felt by Marble in India

My arrival day in Ludhiana, India was marked by unrest and curfews. The previous day it had been incorrectly reported that an American pastor had burned the Koran. This led to riots and the burning of St. Thomas church. The pastor of St. Thomas Church also serves as one of the chaplains at the Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital. There was a lot of unrest around the Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital campus since it is a center for Christian activity in this Northwest...

Population changes, but medical school still provides critical service

A white-coated crowd fills the pews of an airy chapel in Northern India. The gatherers will not stay put for long. They are nursing students all suited up for another busy day of medical training. But for the moment, they pause to pray, reflect and join in a hymn that reminds them why they are in school. To the gentle beat of a tambourine, they sing, “We are serving together unto Thee.” The students at Christian Medical College in Ludhiana, population 1.3 million, are part of a...

The Healing Touch of Jesus

“Where cross the crowded ways of life….” These words from our hymnal kept playing in my mind as we turned from the street, jam packed with humanity, into the Ludhiana Christian Medical College and Hospital compound. The melody continued with me as we walked the halls of the hospital and saw at every turn a picture of Christ or a scripture passage of hope. “…cup of water given for you still holds the freshness of your grace; yet long these multitudes to view...