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March 2017

March 2017

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Bicentennial of Methodism in Haiti

It has been 200 years since Methodism first came to Haiti, at the request of Francis Reynalds, captain of the ship Hebe. You can read about that, and how Methodism has developed since, in Leslie Griffith’s book, a History of Methodism in Haiti. Griffith was in Haiti to ...

Letters from the Editor

Haiti is complicated

Fred Koenig
If you want to know more, I’d suggest trying the library. The one down the street from my house has about 120 books and videos on Haiti in the nonfiction section. Many are about natural disaster. Some focus on political turmoil. A fair number talk about charitable efforts gone awry.       ...

From Bishop Farr

Listening and Taking Action

Bishop Farr
Over the last four months, I’ve had the privilege of traveling the Missouri Conference and engaging in 33 listening session across seven of our nine districts. Over 300 clergy and lay persons have come together around five questions that are helping us assess what should we change, what ...

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March 2017