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September 2017

September 2017

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Finding Common Threads: Church Group Bonds in the Sewing Room

Finding Common Threads: Church Group Bonds in the Sewing Room

Sometimes a new idea can take hold among old friends and make relationships stronger. The Sew-Cial at Midway Locust Grove United Methodist Church started in January with a couple of women thinking they would get together at the church once a month to sew. They soon found they didn’t won’t ...

Opening Doors for the Next Generation

Opening Doors for the Next Generation

By Sarah Dumas 4,479 campers. 21 Ignite Mobile camps. 11 weeks of camp. Ten Infuse Core camps. Nine Spark Mini-Mobile camps. Five campgrounds. Two shaving cream fights. One Almighty God.       The statistics are clear, but they don’t reveal the countless memories have been made this ...

Laity Voices

Raising Up Leaders

Amy Thompson
By Amy Thompson How do we raise up leaders in our churches? This question is on my mind a lot as the vitality of our churches is dependent on it. It is especially on my mind as we move into the fall when the discussions begin about asking individuals to serve in positions and on teams ...

Letters from the Editor

By the Numbers

Fred Koenig
Church attendance numbers can get tricky. I’ve been dealing with them long enough now to notice what one might call abnormalities. I know of one church which, on three different occasions, three different sequential pastors reported to me that under their short tenure they quadrupled the ...

From Bishop Farr

Sabbath Time: Matthew 12:1-8

I hope you and your family had some Sabbath time this summer. Sabbath means very different things to different people. One Sabbath, Jesus was strolling with his disciples through a field of ripe grain. Hungry, the disciples were pulling off the heads of grain and munching on them. Some ...

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Sharing What Works: Books Emerge from Resurrection Downtown Experience

Sharing What Works: Books Emerge from Resurrection Downtown Experience

Scott Chrostek grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a BS in Organizational Management. While in school he was working in the field of investments with two brokerage firms (AG Edwards & Sons, Inc. and Robert W. Baird & Co.). He earned...

Wesley in the World Today

Wesley on Racism

Hal Knight
By Hal Knight The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a white supremacist rally turned violent, is a distressing reminder that racism remains in 21st century America. While the more than a dozen groups attending the rally are a small but dangerous fringe, the problem of ...