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Random Acts of Kindness in Peculiar UMC

Our Vacation Bible School was July 12 through July 16.  During that week we raised money to be distributed in Random Acts of Kindness around the community of Peculiar, Missouri.  Much to our surprise, the Vacation Bible School raised over $400.  On that Saturday, July 17 from 9am until 12pm two vans full of volunteers took the money and began random acts of kindness around town.  Along with the random acts a card was given with only the church's name on it.  We filled gas tanks at gas stations, bought meals for the locals at restaurants, passed out water to those mowing their yards, delivered donuts to area businesses, and left cash for others.  Our vans were creative in their pursuit of random acts.  Here is an anonymous letter the church received the following week:

To the Peculiar United Methodist Church

I wanted to acknowledge to the congregation my appreciation of the Random Act of Kindness that was shown to me on July 17, 2010 and why I have such an appreciation.

This is not to meant as a feel sorry for me sort of thing, but I would kind of like to let you know about my life over the past several years. My family has suffered a lot of illness and grief for quite sometime. I have had to face illness in some of my family members as well as myself in some sort everyday. I believe in God and know this is the plan that he laid out for me during my life and hope I have and will continue the journey he has set for me the way he wanted it to be with a heart of caring and love for others.

Just the day before the act of kindness I was praying to god and I asked for a sign that things were going to be alright. This act of kindness was the sign that was meant for me and I am so grateful that he did it through hearts of the congregation. It was the sign that uplifted my spirit and told me to continue on my journey as I have to accept all things as they are and deal with them as this is his plan. The act of kindness was not looked at as a monetary gain, but as I said a sign. I gave the money to a person that was badly in need of food and this person was overwhelmed by this as I told them how I received the money and that this was sent by god through your congregation. I felt that was how god wanted me to use this gift.

I don't know any of your faces or names, but I feel that one day in heaven with our heavenly father we will be joined together and acknowledge ourselves to each other and the kindness that was shown that day.

God Bless All of You. I will carry the memory of this kind act in my heart forever and it will encourage me everyday.

Thank you.

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