Ezequiel Nhantumbo Biography

Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo, became the Representative for The Mozambique Initiative on May 1, 2002. In that capacity he works with MI coordinator Carol Kreamer as the primary connection between covenant partners in Mozambique and the US.

In 1993 Ezequiel acquired the B.S. degree in agriculture and animal Husbandry from Boane Agriculture Institute in Mozambique. Ezequiel is a 1996 graduate of United Methodist related Africa University, located in Mutare, Zimbabwe. There he acquired the BS Degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

During that period he represented Africa University as a delegate at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in the United States and participated in a fund-raising campaign for Africa University in the US.
From 1997-2001 Ezequiel worked at the United Methodist Center for Rural and Industrial Development (CEMUDRI) and was appointed Head of the Technical Department. During this period he participated in several communications seminars. Ezequiel was the Director of CEMUDRI in Maputo, Mozambique up to 2002 when his employment by The Mozambique Initiative began. He has served the church and other development organizations as a translator and negotiator with international donors for project funding.

As Representative of the Mozambique Initiative in Mozambique, Ezequiel came to the United States for orientation and training during July 2002. While in the U.S. he met the Missouri Area Mozambique Initiative Advisory Committee (now M. I. Team), visited and met the staff at the Missouri Conference treasurer’s office, spoke at area churches and toured sites. He became familiar with the covenant partnership program in Missouri. He also took courses in Microsoft Excel and Photo Shop at the University of Missouri – St. Louis along with MI coordinator Carol Kreamer. Since his return to Mozambique he participated in the first M.I. Consultation to be held in Mozambique in August 2002 (MIC III) and subsequent consultations in the US. In December 2002 he completed the Quo-Vadis Challenge Religious Journalism Course in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ezequiel Nhantumbo shares some of his faith journey. He participated in the first pilgrim group to the Emmaus community in South Africa, where he served as assistant Table Leader. He participated in several international and/or regional gatherings on sustainable agriculture and rural development. He was a member at the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural development initiative of the General Board of Global Ministries, where he served in project design and evolution at the regional level.

Ezequiel was born at United Methodist Chicuque Rural Hospital in Inhambane Province on October 18, 1969. He was the 5th born of six children and grew up in a very poor Methodist family. In 1987 Ezequiel finished his primary and secondary education. Ezequiel is married to Célia Aurélio Nhancale. Ezequiel and Célia have 4 children, Elton, Andra, Carol and Pascua. Ezequiel describes how he grew up in a remote poor community that sensed the activity of missioners. He says that he has witnessed change and because of this God gave him a gift and challenges him to understand the poor and help them. This represents, indeed, a great contribution to advance the Kingdom of God. Ezequiel says, “Serving as MI Representative is a true example of Jesus Christ’s ministry for it brings rest and nurtures my soul. As I will be sharing life and work with others, one must bear in mind that we do not have all the answers to the perfect life, but we do have a major share of life’s material goods, hence we practice God’s presence in our being.”

“When it comes to life in abundance, I dream of better future for all, meaning: happiness, prosperity, care for children, the spread of evangel through the word of God. I feel joy to see a world without war, hunger, poverty, misery and violence, countries which are economically, socially and culturally prosperous.”

“In my life, when the situation becomes overwhelming, the first thing which comes into my mind is to approach God in a word of prayer, thanking Him for providing life and asking Him to continue feeding the needy, and those lacking Christian values.”

Jesus taught us in the parable of the mustard seed, the yeast and the bread, and the finding of the pearl. Like the mustard seed that grows to be a huge tree, Ezequiel is an example of God’s miracle of making a little go a long way …through the connection. Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo, just another baby born at Chicuque Rural Hospital, another student educated at United Methodist related Africa University, a prior employee of GBGM through CEMUDRI, is and example of how the product of the mission field comes to serve the larger mission field. Ezequiel serves God and God’s people in Missouri and Mozambique through The Mozambique Initiative. Please do not hesitate to contact him regarding your covenant.

Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo
Ezequiel Marcos Nhantumbo
Mozambique Initative