WhenMonday, August 23, 2010 to Friday, October 1, 2010
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It is encouraging to be in and out of churches to see and hear how the Church responds to the needs of young students.  We know if we want a child to succeed in education, they need some basic supplies.  Whether we are talking paper and pencil for children in Darfur or backpacks for children in our church’s neighborhood, churches are making conscious efforts to provide for the material needs of children in education.

At the other end of the educational spectrum are a group of students in need of our support as well—our prayerful support. This fall, we invite you to join the Pray40 initiative as we pray for the next generation of Christian leaders as they head to college and university campuses. 

Over 17 million American students populate college and university campuses.  These students are making decisions, learning lessons, and being shaped into the next generation of disciples—teachers, accountants, mothers, fathers, doctors, CEO’s, journalists, and ministers, among others.  What is it they need most for their life/spiritual backpacks? Shouldn’t it be our prayer that as they make these decisions, learn these lessons and become these people they do so while being shaped by Christ and sustained by the Body of Christ?

Starting August 23, the Church is invited to pray for our college campuses and students for 40 days.  You may participate in several ways: receiving an email morning, noon, and evening; downloading and sharing a prayer guide; following the effort on Twitter or by text; signing up for a 24-hour period of continuous prayer. The prayers are by various students, campus ministers, pastors and conference leaders.*

Join us as we pray for the next generation of Christian leaders!  Start by spreading the word about and encouraging your church, small groups, Sunday School classes, individuals, campus ministries, agencies, and circles of influence to register there.

*Some Missouri United Methodist author’s names you might recognize: Creighton Alexander, Brett Cheek, Jimmy Cooper, Samantha Gross, Lucas Endicott, Mick Keathley, Matt Kerner, and Ron Watts