Conference Staff

Bishop Staff

Catherine Turner

Executive Assistant for the Episcopal Office

Center for Congregational Excellence

Tammy Calcote

Executive Assistant, Congregational Excellence/ Regional Administrator MissionInSite Demographics

Center for Pastoral Excellence

Trudy McManus

Clergy Relations & Benefits Administrator

Jenny Gragg

Executive Assistant, Pastoral Excellence

Kim Parker

Next Generation Ministries: Youth & College-age

Sarah Sims

Assistant to Next Generation Ministries

Susan Brandes

Hospitality and Events Coordinator

Office of Administration

Nate Berneking

Director of Financial and Administrative Ministries

Trudy McManus

Clergy Relations & Benefits Administrator

Christa Daro

Executive Assistant, Finance and Administration

Erin Ellen

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Tiffany Beene

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Angela Thomas

Assistant Treasurer

Office of Connectional Ministries

Heather Birge

Executive Assistant

Tina Twenter

Safe Sanctuaries Administrator

Fred Koenig

Publications Editor

Lorraine Sanders


Lauren Miers

Communications Specialist

Office of Mission, Service and Justice Ministries

Craig Stevenson

Associate Director for the Mozambique Initiative

Dora Thackery

Executive Assistant

Ann Moreton

Financial Records

Scott Burdin

Core Camping

Missy Lindner

Interim Disaster Response Coordinator

Josh Schaller

Camping Logistics