2011 VIM Teams


Sponsoring church Location Date Leader Purpose
Ozark UMC Mapinhane, Vilanculos district March 22-Apr. 4, 2011 Tony Blevins
Bob Biache
Visit partner and work on church construction (see image below)
UMC Green Trails Gondola, Manica District August 18-29, 2011 Mary Weaver Gondola Training Center mission
Virginia Annual Conference Cambine, Morrumbene South District May 20 - June 8, 2011 Molly Wilmarth Cambine Mission Station Guest House re-hab
Jefferson City FUMC Gondola, Manica District July 1-10, 2011 Mark Dumas Gondola Training Center construction project; Covenant partner visit (Chimoio)
New York Annual Conference Beira, Sofala Aug. 6-22, 2011 Annette Griffith North conference office & Episcopal parsonage construction

University UMC

Beira, Sofala

Sep 13-29, 2011

Tom Mitchell

Covenant partner visit (Beira Central UMC); construction  and Bible study mission

The Gathering UMC Gondola, Manica District Oct. 13-27 2011 Kenneth Pruitt & Kiley Kozel Gondola Training Center construction project
 Platte Woods UMC Cambine Mission Station Sep 19 - Oct 4, 2011 Chris Sams Carolyn Belshe Orphanage - work as needed